Mittwoch, August 17, 2011

PHOTOS and more...

Allright my friends, here are some photos:

All those Pictures are mixed and without any comment :)

..we are in Osaka right now and it is boiling hot here, but the forecast says it will rain in the next couple of days but thats ok. Temperature will still be in the upper 20Celsius.

So far the Vacation is great and we are chillin` like Bob Dylan...
Not Stress whatsoever (except the few times we have to run for the trains)
We are eating and drinking like champs and just having a good time,
Not so much sightseeing as planed, but thats ok, We allready saw so much the last 2 times we been to Japan.
Today we will meet our Friend Toshi in Osaka and it will probably end up in a big Party and maybe Karaoke (for me hopefully, `cause i love it)
Tomorrow we will head to Hiroshima where we will stay until Sunday. Our longest Stop so far.
But we know a couple people there so we look forward to meet them all again.
I also will DJ in a Club will be awesome.

But i will post a new Blog again once we are there.

Hope you all do well in Germany (and anywhere else) and that you will get the same Hot & Sunny Weather that we got.

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