Dienstag, August 09, 2011

China is gbreat...Not

boy, the last 48h where a great adventure.
We left Abu Dhabi without any problems and the flight was allright until we landed in Beijing...
We supposed to have a 1h stop-over and should wait in the plane but after 10minutes of waiting we where asked to leave the plane and be told that there is a delay of almost 8h because of a typhoon over china. Awesome!

So we got a free Hotelroom and Meal (which was nice) and had to deal with selfish an ignorant chinese people (which was not nice)
I tried to contact our hostel to tell them that we need to make a late-check, but to get the wifi login you need to scan your passport. Awesome again!
Of course all the websites we usual got to where blocked by the chinese goverment (facebook, google, twitter...). Extreme Awesome!
so writing a mail was quite a task.

But after waiting 8h we finally got on the plane and on our way to Japan.
The next Problem was around the corner: The arrivel time was 23:00 and the last train into the city was leaving 23:31... so 31minutes for custom, baggage and finding our way through the airport seem to be impossible, but fo some reason (and very helpful japanese people) we manage to catch the last train.

Finding our Hostel was just a littL task compare what happed that day
So at 2:00 we where sitting outside, drinking beer and eating snacks.
Welcome to Japan

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