Freitag, August 05, 2011

Abu Dhabi is Hot...

How Hot? TOO HOT!  But it's ok. The 5 Star Hotel we got is just Awesome. We even got a free Room upgrade. The Pool is excelent and refreshing and the Beach (& the Water)is just as Hot like the the Air.
Current Temperature around 36C in the Shade (17:00), the peak today was around 42C in the Shade.
So all we do here is relax...not much sightseeing, maybe a litte in the Afternoon.
I use the internet over TV in our room, so i got no possibility to upload pictures. Sorry about that.
Oh yes, quick note about the flight to Abu Dhabi: No Leg Space! Next time we need to check in earlier so we get the Emergency Exit.

So check back for some more News out of Abu Dhabi

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michele hat gesagt…

Have fun!! And stay in the shade!