Sonntag, März 06, 2011

Here we go again!

Its official, we will be in Japan again this August! HORRAY!

I just booked our Flights including a Stop-Over in Abu Dhabi / Dubai for 3 Days.
We always wanted to see the Desert and of course Dubai.
I don't know if it was a smart Idea to do this in August when the Temperature is at the yearly peak.
Well, at least the Hotels are damn Cheap...

So now we need to go and plan our Trip. What/When/Where.
For now, we only know that we definitely going to visit our Friends in Hiroshima / Osaka / Tokyo and this time: Hike up the Fuji Mountain...

Oh yes, you might notice it: This Blog is in English now! Why? So all of our Friends can read it... :)
My English writing and grammar Sucks, but i care less... :D

More News will come soon, check back!