Mittwoch, August 17, 2011

PHOTOS and more...

Allright my friends, here are some photos:

All those Pictures are mixed and without any comment :)

..we are in Osaka right now and it is boiling hot here, but the forecast says it will rain in the next couple of days but thats ok. Temperature will still be in the upper 20Celsius.

So far the Vacation is great and we are chillin` like Bob Dylan...
Not Stress whatsoever (except the few times we have to run for the trains)
We are eating and drinking like champs and just having a good time,
Not so much sightseeing as planed, but thats ok, We allready saw so much the last 2 times we been to Japan.
Today we will meet our Friend Toshi in Osaka and it will probably end up in a big Party and maybe Karaoke (for me hopefully, `cause i love it)
Tomorrow we will head to Hiroshima where we will stay until Sunday. Our longest Stop so far.
But we know a couple people there so we look forward to meet them all again.
I also will DJ in a Club will be awesome.

But i will post a new Blog again once we are there.

Hope you all do well in Germany (and anywhere else) and that you will get the same Hot & Sunny Weather that we got.

Sonntag, August 14, 2011

Betrunken und Gluecklich... man koennte fast meinen wir sind hier nur zum trinken uns fressen, aber aus irgendeinem grund treffen wir immer trinkfreudige japaner und haben abends einem im Tee.

Eigentlich wollte ich ja einen post mit vielenen Bilder posten aber ich bin zu faul in den 3.Stock zu laufen um den Cardreader zu holen.

Nur kurz zur information, wir sind mittlerweile in Kyoto angekommen und gehen morgen mal schoen an einen Wasserfall mitten im Wald um zu Schwimmen, geil gell?!? ;)

Aber morgen gibt es auf aulle Faelle ein Blog mit Bilder...

Donnerstag, August 11, 2011

no news today

but only because i am to lazy to write. the last couple of days where full of action and i could post forrever, it's just that hot and sunny weather (sorry germany...) that makes us lazy as fu%k ;)
we will head to mt. fuji tomorrow where we stay 2 days to relax. i will find some time than to post a longer blog (maybe even with pictures)

And yes,i bought a new a camera. Who the hell came to the glory idea to go into a one of those electronic megastores? oh yes, it was me.
But i made a killer deal for a killer Sony camera. :)

so next post will be longer with pictures...promised!

we are out, time to get some drinks at the Familiy Mart next door..

Dienstag, August 09, 2011

China is gbreat...Not

boy, the last 48h where a great adventure.
We left Abu Dhabi without any problems and the flight was allright until we landed in Beijing...
We supposed to have a 1h stop-over and should wait in the plane but after 10minutes of waiting we where asked to leave the plane and be told that there is a delay of almost 8h because of a typhoon over china. Awesome!

So we got a free Hotelroom and Meal (which was nice) and had to deal with selfish an ignorant chinese people (which was not nice)
I tried to contact our hostel to tell them that we need to make a late-check, but to get the wifi login you need to scan your passport. Awesome again!
Of course all the websites we usual got to where blocked by the chinese goverment (facebook, google, twitter...). Extreme Awesome!
so writing a mail was quite a task.

But after waiting 8h we finally got on the plane and on our way to Japan.
The next Problem was around the corner: The arrivel time was 23:00 and the last train into the city was leaving 23:31... so 31minutes for custom, baggage and finding our way through the airport seem to be impossible, but fo some reason (and very helpful japanese people) we manage to catch the last train.

Finding our Hostel was just a littL task compare what happed that day
So at 2:00 we where sitting outside, drinking beer and eating snacks.
Welcome to Japan

Sonntag, August 07, 2011


Bring me some Water...Quick!
I probably lost 45Liter of Water the last 2 1/2 Days. I can't describe how Hot it is. If we won't had a Pool & Beach we would of spend all the Time here in our Hotel Room.
We went for a walk yesterday through the City of Abu Dhabi (an tried to find a open Sports Bar to watch the FCK luck during Ramadan...but the Game sucked anyway from what i heard).
Abu dhabi is a crazy City. They build Skyscrapers left and right and there allowed to drive 80 km/h in the city. So you better watch your step :)

We went to a awesome Restaurant yesterday where both of us had an awesome seafood dinner. Yummy...but thats just a little starter from what we gonna eat in Japan.
The only thing i miss here would be a Ice Cold Beer (we must be in the only Alcohol Free Hotel in town)

But thats ok, we will spend the last Hours here at the Pool and then we will head to the Airport. It's Time to fly to Japan.

Oh and by the Way: No Sunburn! 50+ Sunlotion rules. (And yes i still got a taint)

So next Post will be from Japan and hopefully with pictures. I know ya'all hate to read :)

Sunny 44C Greetings to Germany (I hope the Weather gets better there soon, we will send you some sun & heat)


Freitag, August 05, 2011

Abu Dhabi is Hot...

How Hot? TOO HOT!  But it's ok. The 5 Star Hotel we got is just Awesome. We even got a free Room upgrade. The Pool is excelent and refreshing and the Beach (& the Water)is just as Hot like the the Air.
Current Temperature around 36C in the Shade (17:00), the peak today was around 42C in the Shade.
So all we do here is relax...not much sightseeing, maybe a litte in the Afternoon.
I use the internet over TV in our room, so i got no possibility to upload pictures. Sorry about that.
Oh yes, quick note about the flight to Abu Dhabi: No Leg Space! Next time we need to check in earlier so we get the Emergency Exit.

So check back for some more News out of Abu Dhabi

Donnerstag, August 04, 2011

Ready to Roll

Yeah we made it through the Baggage Check... With all those charging cables and Poweradapters my Bag must look like a Bomb on the x-ray screen. Now we are waiting in the Lobby until Boarding. I hope the onboard Entertainmaint System is allright and the Food is tasty (as tasty Airplanefood can be)
Next Stop will be AbuDhabi. And i wear Jeans, what the Hell was i thinking?

Mittwoch, August 03, 2011

Just when you think everything is fine...

The last Days where a total chaos, but everything turns out to be ok and we are now ready to leave. We got all our Hotels booked and confirmed, we bought all the Medicine & Cosmetics we need and our Backpacks are filled, we organized the Shuttle to the Airport and someone that takes care of our plants while where gone.

What could go wrong now? The last thing you possible could think of: a Air Controller Strike!
They really want to strike on the Day we want to leave... The News changes every Hour. Right now it seems like they are not striking

Well let's keep the finger crossed that it will stay like that until we are up in the Air and out of Germany

...oh and by the Way. This is the first Post that i posted from my new Android Pad so it might contain some formatting errors and/or misspells.

So check back tomorror for a post from the Airport.

Freitag, Juli 08, 2011

More Details please...

Here we go! That's our detailed Travel Route:


Looks like a lot of Fun.
All Hostels & Hotels are booked and confirmed. So all we need to do now is to wait and wait and wait...

The Maps looks like a wild Zig-Zag, but it's just showing the direct way. We will take the Train and if you would see the acutal travelling routes, it would make way more sense.

And we will have a Stop-Over in Peking as well, but it's only 4 1/2 Hours, so we won't see more than a great Duty Free Area in a great Chinese Airport. Thats just great.

Sonntag, Juli 03, 2011

Planning sucks...

if you got just 3 Weeks to see everything and everyone.
But first things first... In about 4 Weeks we are finally heading towards Japan plus our 3 Day Stop-Over in Abu Dhabi on the way there.

We got a 5-Start Hotel with Private Beach and everything you can think off, for just 75€ (both of us)
HELL YEAH...oh but wait, why is it so cheap???
Oh yes, it's August with a average Temperature of around 46°C so no one will go there, except for us. Great.
But whatever, it's a chance to see the Desert and Dubai and it's only for 3 Days.

Then we will head to Nagoya  (with a small stop in Beijing for 4 Hours)
We also got our Hostel in Nagoya for the first 2 Nights but now the fun starts:

Planning our Trip from the 10.Aug -  22.Aug.
It would be kind of easy if everything we want to see and visit would be in one line.
But since we are traveling by Train we need to make some weird zick-zack traveling through the whole country...

So i hope we will be done by end of the week so we can book the last Hotels.

So stay tuned, we will post weekly updates now!

Montag, April 18, 2011

Are you still going to visit Japan...?

Short answer: YES!

Some Short Facts why we are still traveling:

Where are you going?
- Most of the Time we are in the South of Japan (Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya...)

What about the Radioactivity there...

- Radioactive Fallout? We will catch more Radioactivity on the Flight to Japan
than in Japan itself.
- Radioactive Food/Water? OK that's might be a issue, but only during the few
days that we are in Tokyo. Right now the local Water in Tokyo is not
contaminated and Food from contaminated Areas are banned.

Are you scared?
- Scared about what? I am more scared about getting hit by a Car in Germany that
traveling to Japan.

But what about the People?
- Yes it would be ruthless if we where traveling in any Area that's affected by
the Tsunami and/or Fukushima , but once again: We are traveling to the South!!

And YES, it is a catastrophe what happened there and the Situation in Fukushima is still far away from being under control.
But you also need to understand that Japan ain't a small Country. It almost 2000km long!
I been in Contact with a lot of People that are living in Japan and as long you don't live up in the South, life turned back to Normal again.

...and one last word: Please don't grap and believe the first News you hear about Japan.
If i take everything granted what i hear and see in the News, Japan would be already completely wiped out and the End of the World would be around the Corner!

Sonntag, März 06, 2011

Here we go again!

Its official, we will be in Japan again this August! HORRAY!

I just booked our Flights including a Stop-Over in Abu Dhabi / Dubai for 3 Days.
We always wanted to see the Desert and of course Dubai.
I don't know if it was a smart Idea to do this in August when the Temperature is at the yearly peak.
Well, at least the Hotels are damn Cheap...

So now we need to go and plan our Trip. What/When/Where.
For now, we only know that we definitely going to visit our Friends in Hiroshima / Osaka / Tokyo and this time: Hike up the Fuji Mountain...

Oh yes, you might notice it: This Blog is in English now! Why? So all of our Friends can read it... :)
My English writing and grammar Sucks, but i care less... :D

More News will come soon, check back!