Sonntag, August 07, 2011


Bring me some Water...Quick!
I probably lost 45Liter of Water the last 2 1/2 Days. I can't describe how Hot it is. If we won't had a Pool & Beach we would of spend all the Time here in our Hotel Room.
We went for a walk yesterday through the City of Abu Dhabi (an tried to find a open Sports Bar to watch the FCK luck during Ramadan...but the Game sucked anyway from what i heard).
Abu dhabi is a crazy City. They build Skyscrapers left and right and there allowed to drive 80 km/h in the city. So you better watch your step :)

We went to a awesome Restaurant yesterday where both of us had an awesome seafood dinner. Yummy...but thats just a little starter from what we gonna eat in Japan.
The only thing i miss here would be a Ice Cold Beer (we must be in the only Alcohol Free Hotel in town)

But thats ok, we will spend the last Hours here at the Pool and then we will head to the Airport. It's Time to fly to Japan.

Oh and by the Way: No Sunburn! 50+ Sunlotion rules. (And yes i still got a taint)

So next Post will be from Japan and hopefully with pictures. I know ya'all hate to read :)

Sunny 44C Greetings to Germany (I hope the Weather gets better there soon, we will send you some sun & heat)


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