Mittwoch, August 03, 2011

Just when you think everything is fine...

The last Days where a total chaos, but everything turns out to be ok and we are now ready to leave. We got all our Hotels booked and confirmed, we bought all the Medicine & Cosmetics we need and our Backpacks are filled, we organized the Shuttle to the Airport and someone that takes care of our plants while where gone.

What could go wrong now? The last thing you possible could think of: a Air Controller Strike!
They really want to strike on the Day we want to leave... The News changes every Hour. Right now it seems like they are not striking

Well let's keep the finger crossed that it will stay like that until we are up in the Air and out of Germany

...oh and by the Way. This is the first Post that i posted from my new Android Pad so it might contain some formatting errors and/or misspells.

So check back tomorror for a post from the Airport.

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