Freitag, Juli 08, 2011

More Details please...

Here we go! That's our detailed Travel Route:


Looks like a lot of Fun.
All Hostels & Hotels are booked and confirmed. So all we need to do now is to wait and wait and wait...

The Maps looks like a wild Zig-Zag, but it's just showing the direct way. We will take the Train and if you would see the acutal travelling routes, it would make way more sense.

And we will have a Stop-Over in Peking as well, but it's only 4 1/2 Hours, so we won't see more than a great Duty Free Area in a great Chinese Airport. Thats just great.

Sonntag, Juli 03, 2011

Planning sucks...

if you got just 3 Weeks to see everything and everyone.
But first things first... In about 4 Weeks we are finally heading towards Japan plus our 3 Day Stop-Over in Abu Dhabi on the way there.

We got a 5-Start Hotel with Private Beach and everything you can think off, for just 75€ (both of us)
HELL YEAH...oh but wait, why is it so cheap???
Oh yes, it's August with a average Temperature of around 46°C so no one will go there, except for us. Great.
But whatever, it's a chance to see the Desert and Dubai and it's only for 3 Days.

Then we will head to Nagoya  (with a small stop in Beijing for 4 Hours)
We also got our Hostel in Nagoya for the first 2 Nights but now the fun starts:

Planning our Trip from the 10.Aug -  22.Aug.
It would be kind of easy if everything we want to see and visit would be in one line.
But since we are traveling by Train we need to make some weird zick-zack traveling through the whole country...

So i hope we will be done by end of the week so we can book the last Hotels.

So stay tuned, we will post weekly updates now!