Montag, April 18, 2011

Are you still going to visit Japan...?

Short answer: YES!

Some Short Facts why we are still traveling:

Where are you going?
- Most of the Time we are in the South of Japan (Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya...)

What about the Radioactivity there...

- Radioactive Fallout? We will catch more Radioactivity on the Flight to Japan
than in Japan itself.
- Radioactive Food/Water? OK that's might be a issue, but only during the few
days that we are in Tokyo. Right now the local Water in Tokyo is not
contaminated and Food from contaminated Areas are banned.

Are you scared?
- Scared about what? I am more scared about getting hit by a Car in Germany that
traveling to Japan.

But what about the People?
- Yes it would be ruthless if we where traveling in any Area that's affected by
the Tsunami and/or Fukushima , but once again: We are traveling to the South!!

And YES, it is a catastrophe what happened there and the Situation in Fukushima is still far away from being under control.
But you also need to understand that Japan ain't a small Country. It almost 2000km long!
I been in Contact with a lot of People that are living in Japan and as long you don't live up in the South, life turned back to Normal again.

...and one last word: Please don't grap and believe the first News you hear about Japan.
If i take everything granted what i hear and see in the News, Japan would be already completely wiped out and the End of the World would be around the Corner!